Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It is transfer time again.

So this past week was great because we got this new investigator who had called us up randomly the other day and he had gotten our number from a coworker and decided he wanted to take the lessons from us missionaries. He is awesome because he has shown a willing heart and wants to truly learn more about the Gospel. There are so many people that will let us come over and teach them, however they usually seem like they just aren't genuinely interested in learning all that they can while being here on this earth.

I know that as we look for opportunities to share the gospel, they will present themselves. I know that Heavenly Father has sent us where we need to be. He knows what our strengths are and He know what our weakness's are. He will help us through the hard times we have in our lives if only we pray and ask for his help. He wants to give us help, however, he also wants what is best for us and if we need to go through tough trials in order to come out stronger and be able to make it through tougher times, then He will do what he can to make it better for us.

Last thing though is that we got Transfer call's yesterday and I am getting a new companion, Elder Meldrum.

I love you all and I know God loves you. I hope you all have a great week to come.

Elder Warkentin

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


So this past week we had an investigator take us to go fishing with him. It was awesome because we got to spend some time with just him instead of having his parents there. It is awesome because he is hoping to go on a mission for the church after he gets baptized.

Then we got to meet with another Investigator family last Thursday. It was also awesome with them because they had said that they are ready to be baptized, they just wanted to come to church a few times in a row before taking the plunge. There are people who are just excited to hear the Gospel and progress in the plan of Salvation.

Now I just thought I would share what I have learned about the Gospel. The Gospel is also quite simple, the gospel is Love! If we have love, we will follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. If we have love, we will treat our neighbors kindly. If we have love, we will want what is best for our family's. If we have love, we will love gaining knowledge, and we we will want to go to church to continue gaining knowledge. If we have love, we will strive to come closer to God. If we have love, we will want to pray to our father in heaven with a sincere heart to feel of his love. If we have love, we will have charity for others and we will strive to serve others. If we have love, we will want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone. So the Gospel all comes down to love!

I love you all. Have a great week.

Elder Warkentin

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Does an Investigator in another Investigators house count?

So this past week was awesome. We have this investigator family that we have been working with, and they had come to church with us this past week. Then after that on Monday (yesterday) the priest aged member of the family had come out with us for the night, we were able to show him what we do as missionaries and it made him want to go on a Mission even more, so he is hoping to get baptized soon so that he can go on a mission after he finishes High School. So we were able to have a lesson with another one of our investigator family with him being present. It was awesome because he was able to share his experiences in the lesson, and having him who was not a member could relate more to what the other investigators were going through.

Another cool thing that had happened was that we got to go to the Temple today, It is interesting how you can continue to learn more and more every time you go there. I know that everyone who makes it there can feel the peace and joy that can accompany you while you are there. There are people waiting on the other side who are just waiting for us to do our Family History and take their names to the Temple. The spirit of Elijah is real and will help you as you try to do the work we have been commanded to do. We need our ancestors and they need us to become perfect. As we learn and grow in the Gospel we can take it with us to go an teach those who haven't had a chance to hear the message in the spirit world. I know these things to be true. I would invite you to pray for yourself to come to the same conclusion. I can promise that God loves you and will help you accomplish anything you set your mind out to do.

I love you all, I hope all of you have a great week to come.

Elder Warkentin

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Shawarma, and Sushi!

So, this past week, on Saturday was when what is know as Heritage Days started. At the Festival there was music, dancing and of course food. Our mission president had everyone serving in the city helping out the Food Bank at the Festival. We were going around collecting any donations people had of Food or left over tickets. Also we got to go around a try some food from different cultures, which is where I got to try shawarma, it is like a donair except in a taco like form, and the meat isn't as flavorful.

Then the second part comes with more of a story, we were at an investigators house for a lesson last Sunday, we got on the topic of fish and one sentence lead to the next and we made plans to get some sushi. So yesterday for lunch we ended up going to a Japanese restaurant. I came to find that adding Mango to Sushi makes it taste really good. It was also awesome because we got to spend some time with the investigator in a place other then just his house. It was also cool because it was the first time I really got to try sushi and it is good.

I also know that the scriptures can answer any questions we have. It is when we start reading the non scripture books that is when it brings doubt into our minds, it is up to us to learn the doctrine from the scriptures and take the other books we read for what truth may be found in them. I know the Holy Ghost can testify of any truth we find, we can open up our heart to hear the Holy Ghost and know of the teachings from our Father which is in heaven. I know this church to be true and I know any honest seeker can come to find the truth as well.

I love you all. I hope all y'all have a great week to come.

Elder Warkentin