Monday, August 18, 2014

Canadian Kit-Kat's

For starters I just want to mention that Kit-Kat's made by Nestle are 10X
better then the Hershey ones made in the US.

So after about 12 days in the MTC, I left Tuesday morning to come to
Canada. The plane ride wasn't too bad. After arriving in Edmonton after a 5
hour flight we met our Mission President, President Manion. We then went to
a welcoming orientation. The next day we met our new companions and got
assigned our areas. I am serving with my trainer Elder Griffin in the White
Court, AB area. We then got to meet some of the members that night. We have
one person who is getting close to baptism. There are a lot of service
projects that we are able to be a part of up here. On Sunday we had a
branch with 32 people who showed up, it felt a little bare compared to the
wards back at home.

I know that as we are able to study the scriptures and pray often we can
find the answers we are looking for. If you ever have doubts about any of
it, ask ward members and Missionaries. Something cool that I found is how
even if you just teach the simple things and don't go into all the details
someone will be able to understand and know of its truths easier.

I love you all, and I know Heavenly Father Loves you all much more then I
ever could and he wants all of his children to return to live with him
after we move on from this life.

Elder Warkentin
My MTC District 
 My Trainer and Mission President
 Canadian Kit-Kat

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