Monday, September 1, 2014

The Frost and Dinner!

So for starting out we have managed to have a dinner every night this past week. You don't have to worry about me being fed. Did you know up in Canada KFC combines with Toco Bell and A&W is the stand alone restaurant.

The frost, so this past week we had some nights that got below 0 Celsius and we have had it rain a bit as well, so we have had frost on our windows. People say that it could snow before the month is out.

I have had people ask about the size of my area. It is about the size of the Salt Lake Valley but there are only 3 main towns, yes towns not even cities. In fact there are so few people in this area that at church yesterday I think I counted 28 people there. although we have the biggest branch in our district.

We have been having success though, there has already been 4 baptisms in this branch this year and we still plan to have more. We are trying to grow the membership count in the mission, however it can be hard when people work for 2 or 3 weeks straight and you can only meet with them on there 1 or 2 week break. Although it helps having faithful and strong members here that are wanting to seek this branch become a ward, so they are willing to do what it takes to see that happen, so we can usually find someone who wants to come with us on lessons.

I can definitely feel the spirit here and the best time of the day is when I get to read in the Book of Mormon, because I learn many new things everyday and as long as I am able to follow the direction and counsel that I am able to receive then I feel like I can take on the world and all the work that is placed before me. I know that as we are able to follow the direction and heed the promptings we receive then we are able to come unto Christ. Sometimes I want to just tell everyone how it is and make them follow Christ but then I have to remember that everyone has their free agency and that can sadly include letting them make the wrong choice. Even if we are only able to do a fraction of what we need to I know that through Jesus we can accomplish anything we set our minds to, but if we don't follow Christ then we won't be able to do even what would seem like a simple task.

My companion and I are getting along great. He is from Saint George so we have a few things in common. He is going home right after he is done training me though. We both are able to laugh at each others jokes at least.

I love you all and I hope you can all be strengthened by reading the Book of Mormon and Praying. I hope you all can have a good week to come and let your burdens be lightened.

Elder Warkentin

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