Monday, October 20, 2014

A week of Good Days!

On Tuesday it was a Good day because we were able to help put in a Well for a member and I got the opportunity to wire it, which was fun.

On Wednesday We were able to help a non-member mow his lawn while he was in the hospital.

Then on Thursday it was good because I was able to do some volunteer work at the thrift store and I was able to pick up a Glass Chess Set for only a Toonie. Also I was able to see my first Canadian Penny. For those of you who don't know Canada doesn't use the penny in its currency anymore.

Then on Friday We were able to visit one of our members, who lives in Blue Ridge, who is also sick. I also was able to take this picture on the way back.

Then on Saturday we got to help our Branch President start to build an addition to his shed. Then we went to another members house and I was able to Bar-B-Q for the first time on my mission, it was only Hamburgers and Chicken though.

Then on Sunday we were able to get back in contact with an investigator that we hadn't been able to visit with is many months.

So over all I know that the Lord looks out and protects me, and if it is within his power he will help me. I also enjoyed reading about Alma this past week and hearing about his testimony. Also I think I have a new favorite quote from the scriptures, "And thus is is. Amen" I like it because it means that after all we have done and after all we can do, what happens will and has happened and we can't change it. We can only hope that we can say Amen to our lives and we should feel confident in saying Amen. I can only hope that I live a good enough life that I will feel happy to say Amen.

I enjoy your emails. I hope y'all have a good week.

Elder Warkentin

And this is a picture of a Kinder Egg after being opened and eating the chocolate off.

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