Monday, December 29, 2014

Everyone seems to put a Christmas title!

Well starting on Monday We got into the Christmas spirit by Shoveling snow.

On Tuesday we contributed to one of the members in our branch's early Christmas.

On Wednesday it just happened to be Christmas Eve so we went out to our Branch Presidents house and got to spend some time with his family. Later on that night we went to the Catholic church to experience midnight mast.

Christmas was fun... We started out by going to our 1st Counselor's house for breakfast and games. Then we went to the local Soup Kitchen to help out and for lunch. We then got to Video call home after that. After that we went to a member's house for Christmas dinner and games.

Friday was Boxing Day.

Saturday was post Christmas. We went out and visited some members. Then we visited a Less active and we got to see his horses. Then finished the day at a part members house and I won at the game of Darts.

On Sunday my companion and I gave talks in church. We then got to go out and visit with the same part member family we visited with last Sunday.

I think Christ(mas) is awesome! It is also cool reading about pre-Christ(mas) Here. I know that Jesus loves everyone... yes, even you! I also think it is awesome how we get the opportunity to return and live with him again after the Judgement. I love you! I know He loves you even more! for now I bid you goodbye.

Elder Warkentin

...Captain Kurfluffullus Jr. II

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