Monday, February 23, 2015

Preparing for things to come...

So starting out this past week I got to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. At the dinner appointment that night I got to try Moose in some spaghetti, I thought it tasted good.

Then come Wednesday we finished up the exchange by doing some street contacting. It seems like no matter where you go, there will still be crazy people.

On Thursday we had a couple lessons with investigators, It seems like it is easy for people to commit to baptism, however it is really hard to commit them to coming to church.

With Friday we went around trying to set up appointments, we got a few but most of the people seemed to be gone.

On Saturday we were able to get in and teach one of our Muslim Investigators, I got to learn a brief history about Lebanon. Apparently about half of Lebanon is Christian. He is a cool guy, when one of his friends were telling him not to meet with us, he told his friend "whats wrong with meeting with missionaries?". So I think he is cool like that.

Sunday was busy with a whole bunch of Church activities. speaking of which, in preparation for the Book of Mormon musical coming to Edmonton, they are having people follow us around this Saturday to post about what a Missionary day looks like. If you are interested in following that just look up #YEGMormon on facebook.

I know that as we spread the Word, people will eventually be interested and want to know more. I would challenge everyone to share a gospel principal with a non-member they know.

I love you all,
Have a great week,
Elder Warkentin

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