Monday, March 23, 2015

Only the Crazies!

So this past week as we went out LRT Contacting and Street Contacting, it seemed like everyone we were able to talk to was crazy in some way. Some of them were drunk and some were high. But all of them seemed like they were possessed by some kind of devil, no they probably weren't. At least they were willing to talk with us and they want to learn more about the Gospel. So what I get out of it is that someone has to first hit a low before they are humble enough to accept Christ's Gospel.

We also had Stake Conference this past week. I enjoyed it, and not only because we got to sing in the Stake Choir. There was an awesome talk about how if we take the time and effort to go to an amusement park and just sit right outside the gate, we will be able to see and hear all the fun other people are having. However if we enter the gate we can join the others and have the fun experiences. The price to enter through the gate is Baptism unto Jesus Christ and if we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, we are given a tour guide to help us navigate through the park and accomplish as much as we can. However if you just enter through the gate but sit down on a bench for the whole time, it would be as if we didn't enter the Park to begin with. So I would encourage all to be Baptized and endure to the end by staying and active member of the church.

We also had a few talks about holding Family Counsel or Companionship Counsel or Roommate Counsel. As we hold the Counsel's we are able to discus the issues that ruin relationships. As we are able to hold them and as people feel free to share whats on there mid, everyone can make a relationship work. We must also be willing to make the adjustments we are asked to make.

One of my favorite quotes from this past week: "I'm not Christian, I'm Roman Catholic"

There is also a new Initiative that the Church is starting up this coming weekend. It is called the #BecauseofHim Initiative and if you visit on the 27th or latter you will be able to see some cool video's that you can share with your friends. I would also like to invite you to share the link on social media and include the hash tag.

And here is a cool photo from an LRT Station.

Elder Warkentin

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