Tuesday, September 29, 2015

As people go to school, the work shall pick up.

So this past week we were able to finally meet with some of our Investigators that we haven't been able to meet with for over a month. Some of them go to school, so with it starting they felt like it was hard to plan anything with them trying to figure out there schedules. It has been awesome, we have a family that we were able to meet with twice this past week and they are planing on coming to watch General Conference with us. It was also awesome because we found them while we were out Tracting a couple months ago and we have found out that they have some Member friends.

It was also awesome this past week, we have a recently activated member who went through the temple for the first time in more then 10 years. There is also another Member that has officially been declared active that we have been working with. I feel the biggest part to helping them stay active is having the fellowship of the other fellow members.

Also this past Saturday, we were able to help out with the Food Drive for the Food Bank that was going on in my area. Here is a picture of it.

Then I had made a couple carvings in my spare time, here is how they turned out:

I love you all.

Elder Warkentin

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