Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Even in a rough area, there is still some positives.

This past week at church, as we were just getting out, there was this guy who walked in and said he was looking for a church to join. The sad part is that we got his phone number, but when we tried to text it, we realized we wrote down the wrong number, so we are hoping that he is able to get back in contact with us.

Then, today my companion left to go to his mission after being a Visa waiter for a little over 2 months here. So it is now down to the 2 of us in this area.

Then the unfortunate thing happened last Saturday, our Car had died. We were able to make it back to the City before it completely died, which was a good thing. Although there is now a hole in the engine the size of a fist. So it is now in the shop.

I love all of you.

Elder Warkentin

Here is a picture:

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