Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

Well first you have to ask. How would you ask someone who is not on the earth? Well, I think I would start by checking to know if God exists, if no, there is no point in going further; if yes, we should kneel down and try praying. Once you have prayed, you have to find the answer to that prayer. Now you have to ask, how would we receive an answer? Well, I would start by seeing if the scriptures are true, if no, then there is no God; if yes, then we can see what God has told us to do in the Scriptures. Once we have received our answer, we need to act on it. Now if we believe the scriptures to be true, then that would mean we need to have faith, now faith is manifest by our willingness and application of working as hard as we can to have something happen, then God makes up the difference.

With that in mind, as we have gone about in faithful prayer this past week, we have continued to find constant success. We went out on blitz this past Sunday and we were able to get in and visit with 11 less active people in the branch, all in one night. Then just through out this past week, we have seen many miracles happen, we got a new Investigator who has already been doing much studying on his own even before we had the first lesson, because we left him with a Book of Mormon. Then at church, we had a few less actives and an investigator come to church.

Something that our branch has also been doing is a 40 day fast. I know it has been helping many people have more of a focus on Missionary work. Fasting can bring many Miracles. I am glad I live in an age where Miracles happen (since the Restoration through Joseph Smith).

Also this past week, I was on exchanges, and we had a day where we went tracting (where we knocked on doors). We were able to find a family for the area I was in that has truly been prepared, both the Husband and Wife are wanting to hear the Gospel in their lives. I know that as we continue in prayer, we will see many great things happen.

I know this church is true, and I don't know how anyone can deny the truth found in it. I know God is real and I know He loves us. He wants us to return to Him, just like and father, He loves us. I know His Son, Jesus Christ loves us just as much; just like any brother.

I hope everyone is able to see miracles happen in their lives.

Elder Warkentin

A video of a Moose that chased after us, after running out in front of us:

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