Monday, October 27, 2014

3 New Investigators

So to start out, last Monday we ere able to meet with a couple out in Mayerthorp and start teaching them the discussions. It's crazy what some people thing we LDS believe in, but we at least they are willing to continue to meet with us.

Then on Tuesday We were able to meet with a less-active and they have mad plans for us to come back for the proper U.S. Thanksgiving, because they are originally from the U.S.

On Wednesday We had exchanges and I was able to go to Hinton, There chapel is about the size of a one story house in the States.

Then on Thursday we had an excellent District Meeting.

Come Friday we were able to meet with a couple less active families, and were able to help some of them realize the importance of coming to church.

Then on Saturday With having permission I was able to help hook up an expensive sound system for a member. and they took us out to a nice lunch afterward. Then we were able to go to the adult session of Stake Conference here, which was broadcast to our building because the stake center is 2 hours away. They talked about how we are able to get more friends if we are more interested in there lives then getting them interested in ours. Also How when we invite someone, if we can we should offer to help them do it.

Then on Sunday, We had the General session of Stake Conference. Later on that night we were able to meet with a part member family and were able to start teaching them the lessons and were able to get our third Investigator. Latter on that night we stopped by and were able to set up an appointment to teach this couple whom the Husband just got out of surgery this past Thursday. Also as we exited Stake Conference it snowed again and it looks like it is going to be sticking around this time.

Well I know for a fact that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he did speak to God and Heavenly Father, and they did restore the true church onto the earth. I know that without Jesus Christ's Atonement it would be impossible to feel clean.

A Cat that decided to follow us while we were walking

I collected all 8

I love you all, I love hearing from you as well. Have a good week.

Elder Warkentin

Monday, October 20, 2014

A week of Good Days!

On Tuesday it was a Good day because we were able to help put in a Well for a member and I got the opportunity to wire it, which was fun.

On Wednesday We were able to help a non-member mow his lawn while he was in the hospital.

Then on Thursday it was good because I was able to do some volunteer work at the thrift store and I was able to pick up a Glass Chess Set for only a Toonie. Also I was able to see my first Canadian Penny. For those of you who don't know Canada doesn't use the penny in its currency anymore.

Then on Friday We were able to visit one of our members, who lives in Blue Ridge, who is also sick. I also was able to take this picture on the way back.

Then on Saturday we got to help our Branch President start to build an addition to his shed. Then we went to another members house and I was able to Bar-B-Q for the first time on my mission, it was only Hamburgers and Chicken though.

Then on Sunday we were able to get back in contact with an investigator that we hadn't been able to visit with is many months.

So over all I know that the Lord looks out and protects me, and if it is within his power he will help me. I also enjoyed reading about Alma this past week and hearing about his testimony. Also I think I have a new favorite quote from the scriptures, "And thus is is. Amen" I like it because it means that after all we have done and after all we can do, what happens will and has happened and we can't change it. We can only hope that we can say Amen to our lives and we should feel confident in saying Amen. I can only hope that I live a good enough life that I will feel happy to say Amen.

I enjoy your emails. I hope y'all have a good week.

Elder Warkentin

And this is a picture of a Kinder Egg after being opened and eating the chocolate off.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


To start out this week got to sit in on a Scouting meeting to offer in this branch and help set that up. Then on Wednesday we went out to Mayrthorp to try former investigators in the area and when we went to this one door we found out that the guy had moved about 4 years ago, however we started to talk about the gospel with the lady who answered the door and we got to set up an appointment to go back and start teaching them. Then on the way back we stopped in Blue Ridge and were able to meet with some less-actives there and got to share a spiritual message with them. And that night we had our Branch activity and we had some non-members show up to that. Then on Thursday we went into Edmonton to have a Zone meeting and we had a guest speaker there from the UK. Then come Friday we meet with one of our investigators and it sounds like he is excited to come to church soon. Also on Friday we went and helped a member pull out the pump for his well that stopped working, which involved pulling 120 feet of pipe out of the ground. Then on Saturday we helped our Branch President finish chopping the wood they need for the winter, and they feed us our first Thanksgiving dinner. Yes they had Turkey, Potatoes, and Stuffing. Then come Sunday I gave my first talk in Sacrament meeting, it went well, there were only 14 of us there for some reason. Then for Dinner that night we had some less traditional Thanksgiving food, Pulled Pork sandwiches, and Corn.

On Thanksgiving yesterday, we got to drive out to Bear Lake and spend the day with our District. We were able to have a fire there, so we roasted Marshmallows and had Smores. Then we got to have fun playing district games. Then that night we got to give a non-member a blessing who asked for it, because he broke his solder. Then for dinner we got to have Hamburgers and Fries. Then we got to end the day off with having a lesson with a recent convert. I also got to have Eggnog this past week.

During my studies I learned about the importance of doing the little things, just like Ammon when he first entered into King Lemoni's presence, he just wanted to be his servant so that he could show hem he was willing to do what it took, even if it was just doing the normal tasks he was asked to do. I know that if I am able to do what I am asked to do it will make an impact in someones life. I also know that if I can follow the council of my leaders that it will bring blessings, even if I don't necessarily want to do it.

I love you all and I hope you all have a good week to come.

Elder Warkentin

Monday, October 6, 2014

Miracles do still happen!

So last Wednesday as we got to our church the fire alarm was going off, so after checking to make sure there was no fire we were able to get it turned off. After that had happened we received a call from a random person who gave us a referral, after talking with him we found out the guy only worked in our area but lived about 3 hours away, but I think it is cool just having someone phone you and tell you to try and contact someone. Then come Friday we were able to visit a less active and her non member husband who are housing someone who is over here working, and he is from Ukraine and we got to hear about what is going on over there right now. We then got to attend General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. Then come Monday when I went to exchange an Item I got it just so happened that they were restocking the rack with the right size I needed, so I feel like that was a blessing I received.

I loved how Jorg Clemingat said we need to forgive others quickly, I feel like that is one of the most challenging things to do is to forgive others, and then to do it quickly seems like it can almost be impossible sometimes, so I definitely feel like it is something I know I need to work on. I also loved how Dieter F Uchtdorf had talked about how when we are to look for someone to blame we should look to ourselves first.

Then I read in the scriptures how it is important to follow the commandments that we are given from God. I know that if we are able to follow the teachings of Christ he will have no choice but to save us and it sounds like it is so easy to follow the teachings that it makes you wonder how anyone could fall off the path so easily. eh? I feel like I would be lost and I would hate my life if I didn't know of Jesus' atoning sacrifice. I love the Gospel and I know it is true, and if anyone of you have any doubt whether it is true I would invite you to read the Book of Mormon and then pray with a sincere desire to know for your self whether it is true, and you will receive an answer.

I Love You all and I hope you all are able to have a great week to come.

Elder Warkentin