Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Temple's, Christmas, and a New Area to learn.

Well, this past week the Temple in Montreal, Quebec was Re-Dedicated after being Renovated. So it was broadcast all across Canada. So we got to attend the services this past Sunday. It is awesome when there is more Temples completed and put into operation. I can't help but think about all the spirits on the other side that are now able to have their work done because there is enough Temple's to get it done. I know I can feel the spirit when I'm in the Temple. I know it is the most peaceful place on earth. I also know it is the Happiest place on earth.

Then this past Monday we got to help out with setting up for the Red Deer Festival of Trees. It was cool to see all the hard work that can go into such a big charity event. There were volunteers there from all over the place. Service can help you feel the Christ like love of the Christmas season. I know Christ wants us to go about doing good continually. I know He loves us. I love seeing people getting to accept the Restored Gospel. I love Christ-mas for that very reason. I would like to challenge all y'all to try and find someone who needs an act of service and extend a loving hand toward them this season.

Getting to know this new area, it seems like there are many great parts about it. I know there is a work to be done and as long as everyone is willing to do their part, the work will progress rapidly.

I love all y'all.

Elder Warkentin

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Time for another Transfer week.

So the title probably gives it away, I'm being transferred, I'm going down to Serve in the Red Deer 1st area. It will be cool because I will be put into a tripan. One of them is a visa waiter and will probably leave soon. So that is to come this coming week.

In other news, it has been cool working with the people here in this area, I have enjoyed it quite well. It has been cool seeing all the different Investigators and Less actives that I have been apart of helping them come unto Christ and helping them come back to the True church of Jesus Christ.

I know that the Lord calls us to where we are needed the most, not just as Missionaries, but as regular people. We are constantly being placed in paths that we can either help others or be helped by others. I know that the Lord hasn't abandon us. I know Christ Loves me. I know God loves me.

Although, I was able to finish one of the projects I was working on this past week.

I love you and hope you have a great week.

Elder Warkentin

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cool things can still happen.

This past week, we were able to set another one of our Investigators on a baptismal date. It was cool because we just stopped by, and we were able to teach her the Plan of Salvation, and she knew it was something she wanted.

Last Tuesday, we were able to go down and take a tour of the Legislative building,

​This is a staff that they have to have present in every meeting that they have.

​Here is a picture of the outside of the building.

Then it was awesome how we had Stake Conference this past weekend here. We had Elder Spackman of the 6th quorum of the seventies come. We learned about how we need to praying and constantly trying to share the Gospel with every one we can. On average it takes 7 contacts with the church for someone to accept the Restored Gospel. We never know what number we are.

I know that as we try to start off with sharing what we do know, then try to ask for understanding of what we don't, we will be able to understand more then we would otherwise. I know God is our loving Heavenly Father, I don't know how He creates worlds though. I love the simplicity of the Gospel. I know it will bring us peace and happiness.

Elder Warkentin

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Miracle contact!

So this past week was awesome, starting on Wednesday, we were walking back to out apartment for lunch and this Woman had jumped out of the car and approached us. She said she had attended our church with a friend last week in a neighboring city. She had already watched the movie Meet the Mormons. She has been going onto youtube and Netflix watching all the Movies that the church has produced. Then on Thursday we had the first lesson with her in her home with a member of our ward with us. Then on Friday we had the second lesson with her in the home of the Members that we live with also with the member that was with us in the first lesson. Then on Sunday, she had come to church with us and we were able to give her a tour of the church before it had started. She came to church with her 2 little Girls. Then Yesterday being Monday we had the third lesson with her, with the same members from the second lesson. Also, in the Third lesson, she said she would be ready to be Baptized on the 14th on November, in 2 weeks. It is awesome to see how the Lord has been able to use me as one of his Tools or Instruments in His hand. I know that God is always Preparing people, it is just up to us to be worthy enough to be used by Him.

Also this past Saturday there was this family that had moved from Spain who was Baptized into this ward and they were confirmed the next day, last Sunday.

I know that God and Jesus Christ lives and they care about us. They just want us to come back and live with them after we die.

I love you all, I know God loves you!

Elder Warkentin