Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A New Beginning

First of all, I have decided to continue this blog. Instead of posting about my Mission, I will keep this focused on sharing my testimony, sharing the gospel and going into different Gospel topics. I have not determined exactly how often I may post here, although I do hope to start posting more often. Now that we have that out of the way...


 I have been learning about families in one of my Institute classes I'm in right not. As we have been going about it, I have found that The Family is one of the most important parts of the Plan of Salvation. When we think about it, if there were no more families, then we would stop having children. Without children, then humanity would cease to exist after the current generation passed away. So even in just a logical sense of self preservation, the family is Important.

The Family A Proclamation to the world was written 23 years ago and it lays out the structure of how a family should look like. We are all here on earth to get a body and over come the temptations that come through it. As we resist these temptations, then we are able to abide by the commandments of God. One of these is to be married as a Male and Female to help with producing Children for others of Heavenly Father's children to have the same opportunity to gain a body with us.

As we strive to live by Heavenly Fathers commandments, then we are able to align our will with Gods and we slowly become One with Him and our Savior Jesus Christ. As Jesus said, if ye are not One, ye are not mine. How great is it that we get the opportunity to become One with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

The family is an eternal principle. We are placed into families while we are here on Earth. Before we have to Earth we were still in families, we still had Spirit bodies while we were living with our Heavenly Father. With this family, we were and still are our Heavenly Parents Children. We have a Brother being Jesus Christ that stood up for us and gave us the opportunity to come down to Earth and gain this Body like our Father in Heaven has. Once we are done with this Mortal existence, we will still be able to remain in these family units. We will have a Wife that we will able to be Heavenly Parents with and have the same opportunity to have our own Spirit Children. As Joseph Smith said, One eternal round without end.

I promise that as we strive to make our families here on earth better, then we will be able to have the promised blessings of Everlasting Salvation. We will be able to grow closer to Heavenly Father's will for us. We will be able to gain peace and comfort in this live and the one to come. If you have grown distant, I invite you to come unto Christ and know he will guide us.