Tuesday, June 23, 2015

USA + Columbia / FIFA =

This past week was great. We had Fathers day here this past Sunday. it was actually a good time to find people home. So to all you Fathers out there congratulations, you have helped fulfill what our Father which art in Heaven has asked of us.

Now for the reason for the title of this update. Yesterday we had a Less-active member take us to a Soccer (Football) game. Some of you might have know that the 2015 FIFA Woman's World Cup is being held here in Canada. One of the City's it is playing in is Edmonton, and my Mission happens to be in Edmonton. So for those of you who care the game yesterday was the USA versus Columbia.

As you can see the Gospel is like a game, first you have to commit to be a player on the team (Baptism). Then you have to go through the practices to make it to the game (The Temple). After that you have to get off the bench and on to the field (Being willing to do what God asks of us to do). We then have to play our hardest during the game and give it our all (Endure to the end). Otherwise you can chose to not accept the Gospel and sit with everyone else in the stand and watch others enjoy the success they have made.

Sorry I have no pictures to send you this week, I forgot my camera at home. I will send the pictures next week.

Love always,
Elder Warkentin

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Down with the paper.

This past week was the first week on my Mission where we rode bikes.

We had an awesome lesson with an investigator this past week where we talked about Baptism and how it is an important first step in showing our commitment to Heavenly Father. He seems to know a lot more about the different Gospel principles then a lot of recent converts that I have meet. How ever we did at least help commit him to following the Word of Wisdom. Sometimes people are just waiting for the right invitation to be extended.

Also it has been cool being able to study from a variety of different sources with being able to use the Gospel Library app for studies. It has also made my bag that I carry around much lighter and thinner.

I love you all. I know you all are special in the eyes of Heavenly Father. I know that Jesus payed the ultimate price for you to return to his presence.

I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Warkentin

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It started with Ip and ended with ad!

So this past week was fun. Starting with Wednesday, I meet my new companion, Elder Coates is an awesome Missionary, and I am exited to serve with him in the coming weeks. Also the Callingwood Park area is a good area to be in.

It has been cool to see how in the times we were walking around, trying to visit people, there has been several people who we were able to stop and talk with. It is just inspiring to see all the people who have been placed in our path, just so that we could try to talk with them to offer them a chance to meet with us and learn more. I know Missionaries are sent out to teach people for a reason and I know Heavenly Father will accomplish his work if we let him.

Another thing that I have seen is how God is Hastening his work in this day and age. For example just yesterday, we had a Training Meeting where we were introduced to tablets so that we can use all the digital content that the church has been working on and making ready for the digital age. I know that I am excited to learn how I can best use the technology that God has helped create for the furthering of his work.

I love you all, I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live today. I know the Gospel will help each and everyone of you. "And thus it i. Amen."

Elder Warkentin

A cool looking fire we drove by: