Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It started with Ip and ended with ad!

So this past week was fun. Starting with Wednesday, I meet my new companion, Elder Coates is an awesome Missionary, and I am exited to serve with him in the coming weeks. Also the Callingwood Park area is a good area to be in.

It has been cool to see how in the times we were walking around, trying to visit people, there has been several people who we were able to stop and talk with. It is just inspiring to see all the people who have been placed in our path, just so that we could try to talk with them to offer them a chance to meet with us and learn more. I know Missionaries are sent out to teach people for a reason and I know Heavenly Father will accomplish his work if we let him.

Another thing that I have seen is how God is Hastening his work in this day and age. For example just yesterday, we had a Training Meeting where we were introduced to tablets so that we can use all the digital content that the church has been working on and making ready for the digital age. I know that I am excited to learn how I can best use the technology that God has helped create for the furthering of his work.

I love you all, I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live today. I know the Gospel will help each and everyone of you. "And thus it i. Amen."

Elder Warkentin

A cool looking fire we drove by:

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