Tuesday, June 23, 2015

USA + Columbia / FIFA =

This past week was great. We had Fathers day here this past Sunday. it was actually a good time to find people home. So to all you Fathers out there congratulations, you have helped fulfill what our Father which art in Heaven has asked of us.

Now for the reason for the title of this update. Yesterday we had a Less-active member take us to a Soccer (Football) game. Some of you might have know that the 2015 FIFA Woman's World Cup is being held here in Canada. One of the City's it is playing in is Edmonton, and my Mission happens to be in Edmonton. So for those of you who care the game yesterday was the USA versus Columbia.

As you can see the Gospel is like a game, first you have to commit to be a player on the team (Baptism). Then you have to go through the practices to make it to the game (The Temple). After that you have to get off the bench and on to the field (Being willing to do what God asks of us to do). We then have to play our hardest during the game and give it our all (Endure to the end). Otherwise you can chose to not accept the Gospel and sit with everyone else in the stand and watch others enjoy the success they have made.

Sorry I have no pictures to send you this week, I forgot my camera at home. I will send the pictures next week.

Love always,
Elder Warkentin

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