Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Biking in the rain.

Well this last Saturday I had the opportunity to bike in the rain. It felt good because after the long hot day's up here, it just felt good to get cooled off with having the rain. At first it was awesome, something about having water being pored on you feels good. We decided to do some tracting in the rain and it seemed to have worked because people were wondering who in there right mind would approach their door in the middle of a storm, So we ended up coming away from it with a few potentials. Then we got to go to our dinner appointment where it just seemed fitting to have Hot Dogs on a day like that. It was then after that when we came to this River we had to cross. There is a bridge that we usually take to cross this river. Going down to the bridge  there is a steep hill that turns into a gravel road at the bottom of it. As we were approaching a turn at the bottom where the gravel was, I must have turned too hard, for with the fresh rain there wasn't much traction. After falling we crossed the bridge and started up the hill on the other side of the river. As we got to the top there were some people who were going around washing windows, we ended up talking to them and now they may be coming to church this coming week.

Sometimes we have bad things happen to us so that we can meet someone who we wouldn't have been able to meet with otherwise. There are times when others are placed on our paths to find, and other times we are the ones placed on someone else's path to find, if we can talk to those who need a friend then we can make sure we are there when the Lord needs us. Sometimes watches may get ruined in the rain and other times we get cut up. In the end we are all sent here to be tested, if we can do our best at all times, we don't need to see the result of the answer to know we helped someone out along there way.

I love you all, I know we can have great things happen if we do what is asked up us.

Have a great week.

Elder Warkentin

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