Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Just talk to them, they will listen whether they want to or not.

So this past week we decided to try an "new" idea, we would try talking to everyone we could see. To go along with that, we would just bike around and find people out in their yards to talk to. I find that many people just don't want to be the ones to start a conversation, however, they are more then happy to continue a conversation that has already been started. To be fair we have already been trying to talk to people, we just are planing a little extra time to have a conversation with people, rather then feeling like we need to rush to get to our next destination.

Using the above mentioned technique, yesterday we were able to help an elderly lady cross the street to her house. Also since there is a footbridge in our are, we have been able to stop and talk with several people there. We have also been able to help several people with some yard work they were doing.

Since the ward I am in right now has a cool thing going where they are trying to get everyone in the ward to go to the temple on the same day in a couple months, I know as people prepare for entering the temple they will be blessed. This month they are focusing on helping people develop Christlike attributes, as I have been trying to focus on what attributes I would like to work on, I have been able to find the joy I suspect the Savior had while upon this earth.

I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer for everything. If you look for and try to apply the atonement to everything, Christ will be there and do everything he can to help us out. We just have to open the door and let him in, and allow him to help us out in each situation.

I love you all. I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Warkentin

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