Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Oh Ye, Oh Ye!

All ye whom rebel against the Lord our God, I say unto you that ye must repent and become clean from all your sins, lest the Lord our God shall visit you in His wrath. We all all the same in the sight of our God, for unless we become as little children and repent of all our sins and mistakes, we shall be cut off at the last day, the day of which we should be rejoicing and leaping for joy over. Never the less, there has been a way prepared that we can come back into the fold of our Shepard, for Christ Himself said in 3 Nephi 11:11-12 "And behold, I am the light and the life of the world;and I have drunk out of that bitter cup which the Father hath given me, and have glorified the Father in taking upon me the sins of the world, in the which I have suffered the will of the Father in all things from the beginning. And it came to pass that when Jesus had spoken these words the whole multitude fell to the earth; for they remembered that it had been prophesied among them that Christ should show himself unto them after his ascension into heaven." As we can see, Christ has paid the ultimate price for us and He wants us to be saved, nevertheless, unless we repent and forsake all our sins, we can't expect Him to force us to repent, for He gave us agency (the power to chose), and He wants us to learn to use it correctly. For these days have been prophesied from our fathers in olden times.

I say unto you again, Repent, and become like our Brother, even Jesus Christ, for He has set the ultimate example for us. He has lived on this Earth, He has gone through the worst trials and hardships we could possibly imagine. He has asked that we just do the basics and follow the so simple commandments that God has given to us. Even better, we have been promised blessings for each and every commandment that we keep. On the contrary, we are promised that for every commandment that we don't keep, we will have those blessings taken away from us. For like the man who was given talents and he used them, he was given more, and the one who didn't use them and buried them, even they were taken away form us. I want each and everyone of us to take what talents we have and grow them. We are able to grow them as we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, we are able to learn about those teaching through reading the Scriptures daily (that includes the Old Testament, New Testament, Another Testament [The Book of Mormon], Doctrine and Covenants, and the Perl of Great Price), praying at least 3 times a day, and attending Christs one and only true church weekly. I would exhort you to try out these things and see for yourself if they are not good. I know they are good.

We must continue to repent of our actions quickly and look to Heaven for help constantly. If we are able to follow the teachings found in the scriptures, we will be able to see the exceeding Joy that comes from living the Gospel, Yea, we will see miracles happening in our lives, and we will be able to see blessing happen that we can't even comprehend with our own minds. It says in the book of James, that if we have faith the size of a grain of a Mustard seed, we can move mountains. Imagine if you had Faith the size of a grape or an apple? We are here to learn and progress in the kingdom of God. We must continue to endure to the end, all our days, in order to have Joy at the last days.

I know there is a God. I have seen proof, for I have received a Spiritual witness of my self. I would ask that you pray to get one for yourself. I know we can draw upon the powers of Heaven. If we look around us in the world there is proof in a God, for He created the Earth and the Animals here upon the Earth. We may not see God in person, but just like the wind we can see the effects He has upon the people and the Earth around us. For just like the wind, we can't see it but it is there. To say there is no God is to say that there is now wind, for God created the wind, and He can take it away. If you want to say there in no God, I would exhort you to read the the scriptures, yea, the words of all the prophets through out time, for they know God personally and His Son, Jesus Christ. God will show himself to anyone who has enough faith, we all have that same power. So repent ye, and obtain that faith.

I love this Gospel and the redeeming love it has, I know Christ is there, I know He loves me, I know that I can achieve these blessings. I know we have a we have a loving Father in Heaven, and a loving Son of God, Jesus Christ. We must forsake our fear. I love you all, and I want you to feel of this everlasting Love, and Joy. I know I have. In the name of Jesus Christ, our savior, Amen.

Have a great week.

Elder Warkentin

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