Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The New Area!

It looks like I was transferred to be in the Castle Downs Ward here in Edmonton. It is interesting because this ward is right next to the Londonderry Ward I was in last year. So I have been seeing some of the same faces, and same streets. There is a great work to get going in this area, and I'm excited that I have the opportunity to be a part of it.

I found one of the World's largest Baseball Bat's:

I have found in talking to people, Heavenly Father truly answer's prayers. I found that as I ask for specific things to happen in finding people, our Father has blessed with the success that I pray for. He still won't take away peoples agency, but He can do things such as helping us catch them home, be willing to talk to us, be open to the Gospel. and so forth. I know there is many evidences that show that there is a God who loves us and cares for us. He wants to help us out, we just have to pray and ask Him for help. I love my God, and I hope you love Him the same. "If ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, can ye feel so now?". Sometimes I look on the world and wonder how there can be so much wickedness, then I look and see all the blessings of Mercy that have been shown unto me, and I wonder how God has had so much patience as to continue to show us love. I would exhort you to reach toward the redeeming hand of Christ.

I love you. I know They love you. We hope you have a great week to come.

Elder Warkentin

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