Monday, September 22, 2014

Elder Martino said...

This Week Was good. Last Tuesday we got to have Elder Martino speak to our Mission. He talked on the importance of diligence. I learned about how we need to be diligent in the tasks we are doing, for example we should read the Scriptures constantly, but not start out reading a whole lot at once because then we become burned out and we might eventually give up because we may think it is too hard. We also should be seeking to find people to share the gospel with. I learned about how the Missionaries can teach someone, however the person that will have the biggest impact will be the Member baring their testimony.

Then last Wednesday I got to help a member put in a fence, by putting in posts in the ground. Then on Friday I had the opportunity to help paint someones shed. Then come Saturday We were able to help our Branch President cut and gather wood for his house, he lives on an acreage and isn't hooked up to the power grid, which I think is cool. Here in WhiteCourt we get the opportunity to help out with lots of service projects. I personally think service is a great way to help others feel loved and like they matter.

Last night we had the opportunity to bring the sacrament to one of the ward members, they had a campfire going, so we were able to sit around the fire as we helped him out and share a gospel message with them. I know you can feel the Holy Ghost anywhere in the world, and I know that we can receive inspiration at anytime so long as we are willing to listen.

The scripture of the week would have to be Moroni 6:4. Once you have become a member of the church all you have to do is continue to become like Christ by being worthy until the end.

I would encourage all who read this message to follow the promptings you receive, whether that be introducing your self to the missionaries or reading the Book of Mormon. I know that as we are able to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ we will be blessed and our trials will be made lite enough that we will be able to handle them.

Just Keep this star in mind.

Elder Warkentin

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