Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Build up!

This past wee has just been building up to Christmas from what it seems. This past week, we did some tracting to try and show people the new Christmas video, it worked because we had a few people invite us back. On Sunday, we had our ward Christmas program. Instead of talks, we had lots of Music numbers. Then on Sunday night, we had a stake Christmas program. There was a lot more musical numbers, There was even this person who was blind that was able to sing a song. We have also been able to share a Christmas message with the different members we were able to visit with.

It has been a cool Christmas season so far. I know that this is the season of Christ. It seems like everyone in some way celebrates Christ in their own way. This is a cool video to check out. What a great year it has turned out to be.

Here is my Tree this year:

Marry Christmas!

Elder Warkentin

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