Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas is Great.

On Monday we got to meet with a member here and apparently he had dislocated his shoulder a couple days before. So we got to share a message with him to help cheer him up.

On Tuesday we went to a members house and I was able to help set up her new computer to help her. When we got back to our apartment we had some elders randomly show up to sleep for the night because they were heading down to Edmonton for transfers the next day.

Thursday was a good day. we finally got a call saying our car was finally fixed, apparently it does take almost 6 weeks to get a car fixed when you live in a town. After picking up the car we were able to help out the Relief Society with their Christmas dinner.

On Friday we went into Edmonton for the Christmas Conference. We started out by singing Christmas songs for the first hour then as a treat we were able to be shown Meet The Mormons, which hasn't officially come to Alberta yet. Then we had a Christmas lunch. Then latter on that night before heading back to Whitecourt we stopped for Dinner and we were able to have a good gospel conversation with a local police officer. Cops have some cool stories.

On Saturday we were able to go out and visit with some of our investigators who live outside of town that we hadn't been able to see due to a lack of transportation. We shared the Christmas story with them and they said it helped bring the Christmas spirit.

Sunday, we decided to go out and try to stop by some of the less actives who live closer to the border of our area and it seemed like we either couldn't find many of their addresses or we didn't have the right address. For the ones we could find it seemed like nobody was home, until we came to the last house where we were met with a welcoming couple, so we were able to still share a cool message to them and provide company for them.

Now as to it being Christmas week I would like to bare my testimony about Christ. I know that He was sent here to redeem all of God's children and I know that he lived a sinless life. I know that through him we all have the ability to return to live with our Father in Heaven. I promise that as we try to live by his teachings we will be blessed and have true happiness. I know that Christ lives and loves everyone.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas.
Elder Warkentin

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