Monday, December 15, 2014

What happens when a Wendy's opens up in a small town...

So on Monday we were able to have a good lunch with a member and were able to help him more feel the Christmas spirit.

On Tuesday we were able to continue helping people with there service projects.

On Wednesday we were able to help out the branch by continuing to help them move their Family History Center.

On Thursday we had a member who wanted to give us haircuts and have dinner.

Friday was a good day, we had exchanges and we were able to go to this Christmas parade and we were able to hand out a bunch on Christmas cards there and we ran into someone who wasn't a member yet, but he already seemed to know a bunch about our church.

On Saturday we had a good district meeting. We also continued with our service projects.

It is interesting how Wendy's opened about a week and a half ago and they have constantly been packed ever since, we have also been taken there 3 times so far.

I know that as long as we focus on the work good things will happen. I love you all.

Elder Warkentin

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