Monday, January 26, 2015

Preparing to leave.

Last Monday we got to go to a Recent Converts house to have some really tasty quasadeas and made cookies while we were there.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges and I got to go to Edson. We decided to go out to dinner there and a member there decided to pay for us.

For Wednesday after exchanging back we got to go and visit some people with our Branch President.

On Thursday we spent some time scraping ice for people. That night we visited with a cool part member family and while there we got to play a fun game called Racing Daemons.

Friday we got to have a lesson with an investigator and we introduced a member in our Branch to him and it seemed like it went well. It can be tough meeting with people who work in the oil patch.

Saturday was good because we went to the Branch Presidents house and kept them company for at least a little bit.

Come Sunday there was a new ward created in our mission and there was a building dedication. We got to stop by some less actives. We also had a stake priesthood meeting which was awesome. there was a talk about how if we want other people to do something, we first have to be an example to them.

Then today we had transfer calls and I found out that I'm being transferred to Londonderry, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Also here is a picture of the sun rise this morning.

I know this church is true no matter where you are. I would encourage you all to #Embark on the journey to Salvation and Eternal Live. I know there is now way we could have so many missionaries serving for 1.5 to 2 years without the help from Heavenly Father.

Also how's the weather? Here it has been in the positives, even up to +10C. We still have snow but a about 3/4 of it has melted so there is now about half a foot left.

Elder Warkentin

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