Monday, February 2, 2015


Last Monday we started off by going and helping with some computer problems.

Come Tuesday we stopped by some people so that I could say goodbye to them. For dinner we had enchiladas that tasted really similar to a beefy 5-layer burrito from taco bell.

On Wednesday I started out by packing, then we left for transfer meeting. My new area is Londonderry, Edmonton. So I'm in the city now. My new companion is from Bluffdale, UT. Then I stared to meet the members here.

Thursday I got to ride a Light Rail Train (LRT) and a public bus for the first time. I continued to meet new members.

Then on Friday we went to a lesson with some investigators who are on date to get Baptized on the 14th. Then since the area I'm in is a Car share area, we get the car for the last couple days of the week, so we went to pick it up. To end that day we had a lesson with another investigator who was just full of questions.

With Saturday we spent the day helping someone move in, they might become investigators soon. Also if you walk through the food court in the mall when they are closing, you can get some good deals on food.

Now Sunday we started off by going to church, it is a lot different attending a ward with 200+ people attending. During dinner we finished a map of Canada puzzle. We then visited with some members. Then we tried to catch this mouse in our apartment.

Sorry, the computers we are using won't let me upload pictures so...

I love the Gospel and I know that as long as we are able to follow the teachings we are given we will have a happy and joyful life. At times life may be difficult but with Christ we will be better in the long run for it.

I challenge everyone who reads this to send me an email at Nathan@Missionary.Email with your conversion story.

Elder Warkentin

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