Monday, April 20, 2015

Mission's are like a roller coaster!

So this past week, we had some busy days. On Tuesday our evening was full of appointments. Since we were on the bus, probably a lot of the time spent was just trying to get to each of the appointments. Then on Wednesday, we had appointments scheduled for every hour of the day, we only had a couple of them fall through. Then on Thursday, we had some meetings, we also got to have dinner with a family who has traced their family history back to 2697 BC. Then on Friday we had our weekly planning session followed by service and investigator lessons. Then come Saturday, we had exchanges and I went to the Tagalog area, where they had appointments to cover the day. Then at church, we were able to set up appointments for the rest of the day.

Now today, we got transfer calls and my companion is leaving me, it's alright because I'm getting an Elder Blatter to replace him.

Something I thought was interesting is when I was reading today, I came to the realization that time is proof of Jesus Christ. He was there when the earth was created. He was there at the meridian of time (the switch from BC to AD). Also he will be there for the end of time with the end of the millennium and the judgement. I know Christ lives. I know He loves me. I know He loves you.

Till we meet again,
Elder Warkentin

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