Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Birthday + General Conference =

For this week it all started off on Tuesday when I turned another year older. We had actually gone to Costco to get some lunch and when we got there, there were some members from a different ward that decided to pay for lunch. After that, at dinner there was an awesome family that had a Birthday Cake which tasted great. Here is a picture of it:

Then take a step forward to the next day and we got to help some members of our ward move into a new house. It's also awesome how there were so many people who were able to help out at the last minute to make many hands lite work.

Then we had General Conference, which I thought was awesome. I thought it was cool when Elder Oaks talked about how even when your at a position of leadership, he was still assigned a topic to speak on from Heavenly Father himself. Also I liked how Elder Holland talked about how even in the hardest of times, and when we feel like we can't hold on, and when we feel like we are doomed to fall to our death, Christ is there, and he has the strength to pull us up, and bring us to safety.

I would invite everyone who can, to go back and watch any part of Conference you may have missed or any part you weren't paying attention to.

I love you all. I wish the best for you all.

Elder Warkentin

some of you might appreciate this picture:

You know your in the ghetto when:
​Your wheels are stolen from your RC Car. 

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