Monday, March 30, 2015

At Least it was Productive

So for starters, this past week, we were handed a list of people who haven't had their address' confirmed yet, in our ward. As we were going through the list, we stopped by this house and the person who was supposed to live there had moved several years ago. However, the person who lives there let us right in and we were able to talk about the Book of Mormon. He is a Catholic convert, he converted from atheist-ism. it was weird to learn, they think when partake of the sacrament the bread actually turns into Flesh, and the wine actually turns into Blood.

We also had an awesome time on the LRT this past week, we past out several Book of Mormon's. Then on another day we hadn't had any success on the LRT, but because we just barely missed the bus, we ended up walking to Arby's and on our way we ran into someone who was asking for a cigarette, but instead we offered her a card and talked about the addiction recovery program and she seems interested in it and want's to quit.

Then this past week, the Sister's in out ward had a Convert Baptism. We were able to attend, and it was awesome; I felt the spirit of the Holy Ghost very strongly there. When she was confirmed a member, and given the gift of the Holy Ghost, it was a big calming feeling, which made me feel much better through out the day.

Has anyone found a really effective way of killing Mice? If you have any suggestion, please comment or email me. Thank You.

I hope you all have a great Easter week.

Elder Warkentin

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