Monday, March 16, 2015

It's melting!

So this past Sunday at church we had several of our less active members come back to church. As we have been trying to meet with the less actives in our ward we have been trying to invite them to come back to church and as they come back we try to get as many members as we can to say hi and make them feel welcome. So far we have had at least 5 members start to return.

We have also had many opportunities to help people move this past week. We helped 3 people move out of our ward and helped 1 person move in. As with moving, there are some people who are prepared to move by having all there stuff packed and ready to go, with having a big enough truck to move it all in one trip. Then there are others that are not so prepared and they still need to pack things up and they only have small trucks and cars to move things in, which caused things to take longer. This can be likened unto the Gospel, there are those who have prepared to receive the Gospel, who have prayed to find the truth and are ready to listen. Then you have those who aren't currently ready to accept the Gospel yet and they need to clean up and put there old unrighteous habits away and not return to them.

And to add to last weeks story, were were able to run into Bob again. We went to the library and after we checked Facebook we were getting up to leave and we found Bob there. He was feeling down and as we got talking to him we were able to help turn his day around and as we got talking about the Book of Mormon he became interested and he was feeling better and he said he would read from it when ever he was feeling mad.

This past week most of the snow here seems to have melted. Here is a picture from the field by our apartment this morning:

I love you all,
Elder Warkentin

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