Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Does an Investigator in another Investigators house count?

So this past week was awesome. We have this investigator family that we have been working with, and they had come to church with us this past week. Then after that on Monday (yesterday) the priest aged member of the family had come out with us for the night, we were able to show him what we do as missionaries and it made him want to go on a Mission even more, so he is hoping to get baptized soon so that he can go on a mission after he finishes High School. So we were able to have a lesson with another one of our investigator family with him being present. It was awesome because he was able to share his experiences in the lesson, and having him who was not a member could relate more to what the other investigators were going through.

Another cool thing that had happened was that we got to go to the Temple today, It is interesting how you can continue to learn more and more every time you go there. I know that everyone who makes it there can feel the peace and joy that can accompany you while you are there. There are people waiting on the other side who are just waiting for us to do our Family History and take their names to the Temple. The spirit of Elijah is real and will help you as you try to do the work we have been commanded to do. We need our ancestors and they need us to become perfect. As we learn and grow in the Gospel we can take it with us to go an teach those who haven't had a chance to hear the message in the spirit world. I know these things to be true. I would invite you to pray for yourself to come to the same conclusion. I can promise that God loves you and will help you accomplish anything you set your mind out to do.

I love you all, I hope all of you have a great week to come.

Elder Warkentin

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