Tuesday, August 18, 2015


So this past week we had an investigator take us to go fishing with him. It was awesome because we got to spend some time with just him instead of having his parents there. It is awesome because he is hoping to go on a mission for the church after he gets baptized.

Then we got to meet with another Investigator family last Thursday. It was also awesome with them because they had said that they are ready to be baptized, they just wanted to come to church a few times in a row before taking the plunge. There are people who are just excited to hear the Gospel and progress in the plan of Salvation.

Now I just thought I would share what I have learned about the Gospel. The Gospel is also quite simple, the gospel is Love! If we have love, we will follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. If we have love, we will treat our neighbors kindly. If we have love, we will want what is best for our family's. If we have love, we will love gaining knowledge, and we we will want to go to church to continue gaining knowledge. If we have love, we will strive to come closer to God. If we have love, we will want to pray to our father in heaven with a sincere heart to feel of his love. If we have love, we will have charity for others and we will strive to serve others. If we have love, we will want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone. So the Gospel all comes down to love!

I love you all. Have a great week.

Elder Warkentin

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