Tuesday, July 19, 2016

On a more spiritual side.

I think it has been cool to see just how much the Lord has been working with me in my own personal life. As I have reflected upon the life of my Mission, since I will be home soon, I have seen how I have been able to gain a greater understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have had things that I merely believed in become things that I have a knowledge in. I have seen how when we have enough faith, we are able to see things happen, even if the odds are stacked against it. The main point in my last letter was to show how, despite the odds of all the wonderful things that ended up happening, I know that without the sufficient faith, I know that not all of that would have happened. Not to mention how in that same week we started teaching 6 new investigators.

I know the Lord has been blessing us as we have gone forth with faith, just in this past weekly planning session, we have found that we are working with more then 20 Investigators and more then 20 In-actives, it is amazing to see how they are all at different points, yet they are all progressing to full activity in the Gospel. However, I know that without Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and especially the Holy Ghost, none of this would be possible. We must chose willingly to follow the commandments of God. As we do, we are promised blessings, I want to emphasize the word blessings in there. Blessings is more then just not having something bad happen, those blessings are also having divine assistance in all aspects of our lives. Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us, thus, just like our earthly father loves us and will support and help things to happen for us that he may not be interested in much himself, our Father in Heaven can more Heaven and Earth to help things happen for us as well.

I can testify that I have seen the hand of God in my own life. I know he does things in such a subtle way, that if you aren't looking for it, you may mistake it or pass it off as some lucky occurrence. The fact is, Science is just trying to make knowledge of what having faith in Jesus Christ is for. We are promised that as we put or trust (faith) in Jesus Christ, all things shall be made know unto us. Thus the most successful scientist are the ones with more faith in Christ. We can not be a faithless society and expect to continue to have any happiness. So if you are feeling sad, I would invite you to gain greater faith in the future. I know our Father in Heaven hears our prayers and He will answer a sincere prayer. I love Him, and continue to learn more about Him. Do you?

Elder Warkentin

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