Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What a glorious time we live in.

We get to live in a time and age where we have much to celebrate. We had Canada Day last Friday, and there was Independence Day yesterday. The great thing is, is that we got to celebrate the freedoms we were given. One of those great things that we were given is is the freedom of religion. It was this freedom that inspired a young boy in the 1820's to search out the true church of God. He was able to pray to Heavenly Father and receive an answer to that prayer. He was told it wasn't upon the earth. He was then able to restore that true church to the earth because he was able to have that freedom to establish the church in the United States. Since then we have been able to see that freedom spread to other countries. We are able to have the true church in many of the countries around the world now. It all started way back when the U.S. fought for that freedom to further the work of God.

I know that we are able to have all those freedoms in our own lives. We have the freedom to chose, or exercise our agency. Agency was one of the gifts that Heavenly Father gave us from the very beginning. It has always been Satin's plan to try and take away our agency. Satin tries to make it seem like we have more agency when we disregard the commandments of God, however, we may feel like we have more freedom at first, but it is only temporary. In the long term, those bad choice end up restricting us of that agency in the future, and it becomes harder to make the right choices that will give us for freedom. I would exhort you to take the path that is harder, yea, even the harder right, instead of the easier wrong, of which becomes harder to continue in the future. I know God loves each and everyone of us, and He is always there for us, no matter how hard it becomes.

I know God loves you, I love you, I hope you have the Gospel come into your life ever more. I know the Gospel will bring you true and everlasting happiness. Why aren't you repenting?

Elder Warkentin

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