Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The realization of time!

So I've realized just how much time I still have remaining, some may
say not long, and others may you have ages. I know that Heavenly
Father will use me the best that I'm able to until the end. I love
serving a mission for the Lord. He will truly bless us, and no it
isn't only a futuristic blessing, it can be enjoyed now.

Last week, we got to go to the Alberta Aviation Museum. A lot of cool
history to be found there.

I think it is just remarkable the ways we can be used by God to further His work. Just this past week, we had to go on splits several times just to cover the appointments we had, however we had to rely on God to know who was supposed to go where. I also know that people can be influenced by the small things we do, for example finding out that some was baptized a year after you started teaching them.

I know that if we pray for how we can best help someone, the Lord will use us if you give your will to Him. The only thing that we can give to Heavenly Father is our Agency, but He has promised us Eternal Joy for giving that to Him.

Has the Priesthood helped you in your life recently?

I love all of you, being my Brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.

Elder Warkentin

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