Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Quite the eventful week.

Well, to get a full recap, I will be going over a few days from the previous week. Starting on Monday the 4th, we got to meet the new Mission President, He is awesome, I would say I like him. Then Last Tuesday, we got to go to the Temple, it was the first one with the New Mission President. Then come Thursday, we got to have our District Meeting around a Campfire: Here is a picture of it:

Then on Saturday we were taken to a Baseball game. It was a game of Edmonton Vs. Lethbridge:

Then the biggest news of them all. I got a new area this past Sunday. They closed down the Castle Downs Ward, and they made the Griesbach Ward. So now I'm in the Griesbach area. So now I get to learn a new area for my last 3 weeks. Then Yesterday was 7-Eleven day...

So it has been a fairly busy week for us. The work is going great as well. Each and every one of people we are working with see the need to Repent in their own lives, whether it be a small repentance process or a major one, they are willing to do what it takes to follow the guidance of the prophets and "Come unto Christ". I know we are all called to the work, Missionary, Member, or Non-Member. I know that as we build our faith, we will have the power to see Miracles. I hope you are able to build your faith continually.

Elder Warkentin

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