Monday, November 17, 2014

Big Area + No Car =

On Monday we spent the night shoveling sidewalks for people.

Then on Tuesday we were able to help some less actives clean water out of there apartment because a pipe burst.

Then on Wednesday we got approval to get some things on our car fixed so we took it into the shop and we have been having to walk everywhere since. its interesting how a 2 minute car ride is about a 15 minute walk in the cold.

On Thursday we got to help some people start to move. After that we had a lesson with a couple, and they became 2 new Investigators.

Come Friday it was cool, we first got to have a visit with a non-member and after that we had dinner at this members house and it just so happened that they had this family of 5 living with them and while we were there we got to teach them the first lesson and the mom said she is looking for the true church and I just thought to my self how it looks like they found it with us.

Then of Saturday we got to have some good lessons with some local members.

At church on Sunday I learned about how the Holy Ghost will manifest all truth, whether it be finding the true church or finding an answer to a question we have. That is why we feel so good when reading the scriptures.

I am grateful for being out here where I get to witness miracles right and left. I know that everything Jesus has taught is true and as long as I am able to follow his teachings he will bless me, and the same is true for all those who hear and follow his words.

I love you all from Canada.
Elder Warkentin

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