Monday, November 24, 2014

Zone Conference

On Monday We were able to help some Recent Converts in our branch move.

Then on Tuesday we had Zone Conference, and since our car is still in the shop, our District leader came and picked us up. So we had a good lesson on the atonement and how it helps us whether we accept it or not. We were also let in on what the church has planned for Christmas, they well have another video like what they did on Easter, this one is called "He is the Gift" and if you visit YouTube on December the 7th you will see the advertisements. But the video will be launched on on the 26th. The video is awesome and I would encourage you to share it.

Then on Wednesday we were able to talk to people at the local soup kitchen.

On Thursday something cool happened, we were out trackting and on the last door we knocked on this lady opened the door and as we were talking she said she was already a member of our church and she said she know she needed to get back to church.

On Friday when we were dealing with some stuff with the car and someone in line behind us asked us some question about the Gospel because he saw our name tags.

On Saturday, I got the chance to watch the Doctrine and Covenants video's and it is amazing to watch the stories and how the church came to be what it is today. It is truly inspiring.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to give a talk, which went well. However we were going through the branch list and trying to visit with people, but all the houses we were trying, the people seemed to have moved.

Then I took this photo this morning:

As for me and my companion, we are getting along. I know this church is true and I think it is important to do what we can to follow Christ. If you know something to be true, share it so that others can join with you in your knowledge.

I love you all. Thanks for all your support.

Elder Warkentin

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